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Halaveli 2015 Ed

The first day of May in the new millennium begins the diving activities at Argentario of the boat “Halaveli”, under the command of Carlo.

Through the years and even today with passion and professionalism, the captain Carlo and his precious aide Francesca give to all diving lovers the opportunity to live their scuba experience with freedom and tranquility, guaranteeing every time the maximum safety as well as total respect to the fantastic underwater world, to live an unforgettable day of sea and diving.

Halaveli”- our flagship – it is a wooden boat, 19×5 meters, ex fishing boat, approved for transportation of 28 divers and equipped with all the safety equipment required by law.

In the year of the 15th anniversary, Carlo and Francesca decided to refresh the look to “Halaveli”!

Eliminated the starboard corridor, there is no longer an external passage, but so much more room inside: a comfortable indoor relaxation area was created, with a large window from which you can see the amazing view.

Always on the starboard side it was made a second bathroom dedicated to the ladies, with the ability to enjoy a refreshing hot shower after the dive (even for boys of course …).

A complete makeover with many important innovations to make the boat even more comfortable and functional! 11205153_10207143150835979_7022528937672136659_n

But for all sub the most important change is the installation of two electric compressors for recharging on board of the cylinders! No more movements of cylinders or jackets: from the first to the last dive always you use the same cylinder, charged in the break area… and instead of having to disassemble and reassemble the jackets, you can enjoy the sea and the sun!

And last but not least, safety news: a CO detector in the charging circuit has been added, which allows everyone to monitor the inlet air quality, and a defibrillator is available to be able to face any emergency (which of course both Carlo and Francesca are eligible to use).

Nothing has changed in the kitchen: a large table for guests and a large kitchen where Carlo and Francesca indulges with their delicious menu, with the utmost attention to those with special dietary needs.

Diving lived in a little out of conventional way is still the strength of  “Halaveli”.

Even if managing whit professionalism, Carlo and Francesca try to establish a friendly relationship with all those attending the Halaveli, caring and paying the utmost attention to those small details that can make a special day: the excellent cuisine, the full respect of the times of each individual diver on board and the guaranteed happiness of the company may make almost unforgettable a simple day on the sea with friends.

Comfortable and spacious, “Halaveli” is ideal for those not in a hurry but want to enjoy in peace your day on the sea.

New “Halaveli” will leave you whitout words!